Got feedback? Try the toilet

We launched something a little different at today. Like many dot coms we are growing at a rapid rate and, as an IT management team, we want to ensure we maintain a fantastic culture as we grow. The best way to gauge our culture is to engage our people and foster an environment where they feel comfortable sharing feedback – good and bad. The challenge is that as the team grows the introverts, like me, feel less comfortable sharing their thoughts in public forums and we run the risk of missing out on valuable feedback.

We discussed this with our extremely resourceful communications manager and she shared her experience from a previous company who was struggling with a similar challenge. They decided to put a toilet in the office (not plumbed) and if staff think something is shit write it on a card and leave it in the toilet. Every month or so empty the toilet, read the feedback and take action where appropriate.

We thought this was an awesome idea so following our last management team meeting I (to the delight of our delivery manager) had a minuted action to purchase a toilet!  Last weekend I headed down to Bunnings, now this in it’s own right was an experience as I have never actually bought anything from Bunnings. I have absolutely zero DIY / handyman experience, in fact it’s lucky I was born in the digital era otherwise I would be unemployed and homeless.  Anyway after much deliberation an appropriate toilet (porcelain not plastic, I’m not a cheapskate) was purchased and unveiled in the office today (see above) complete with some blank cards and a marker.

Time will tell how effective the ‘feedback toilet’ is as a culture barometer, it was well received by the team today with plenty of laughs and looks very much at home in the middle of the office! I’ll blog again soon when the toilet is unblocked for the first time 🙂



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