Funky training gadgets for tri dorks

On the flight back to Melbourne tonight I picked up the Qantas magazine and saw a feature on a really cool training gadget, the swimsense performance monitor. It looks like a normal watch but has some tech smarts enabling it to capture distance, stroke count, distance per stroke and all of this can be uploaded and analysed via a reporting tool. How cool is that?! Yeah yeah I know it’s dorky and I could probably work all that out with my $20 digital watch but us tri dorks like gadgets and data. This got me thinking about some of the other funky training gadgets and innovative products I’ve seen, unfortunately most of which I don’t own.

I was asked the question today how you avoid your glasses fogging up when cycling. This is not something I worry about since I purchased of a pair of Oakley Jawbone glasses. The clever dudes at Oakley add small ventilation holes around the edge of the lenses which enable air flow and prevent fogging. I can honestly say they work a treat and, as you expect with Oakley, the quality of the lenses are outstanding. Don’t stress when you see the price tag, I picked up a pair on ebay brand new with tags for AU$160 so shop around.

When I entered my first Ironman I decided to purchase a timex ironman GPS trainer. This was back in ’05 and the watch came with a heart rate strap and a GPS unit you wear on your arm. It was excellent for pace training as you could set an audible alarm to beep when you went too fast or too slow. It was a little unpredictable in that it struggled to get a signal in cloudy weather (bit of an issue in the UK) and lugging around the GPS unit was a hassle. The good people at Timex must have heard my thoughts as the new Ironman Global Trainer now has the GPS capability built into the watch and has improved GPS signal strength. This is definitely on my wish list this year especially if I’m going to give the Melbourne marathon a go.

Keen to hear what other funky, cool, clever, innovative and maybe even useful training gadgets you tri dorks are using.



  1. Totally agree with investing in a pair of Oakley glasses – have never had issues with them and fogging up is no issue at all. When you have to wear a different pair for training/racing, you realise how good the Oakleys are.

    I guess having a few YouTube Ironman/tri videos bookmarked on your phone could be classed as dorky! Always a good psych up when you need it to help you get going!!

  2. I used to have these really cool glasses with a sweat band at the back but I swear when I passed the 20km mark, you could have tied supermans cape to my back, and it would not have made a difference!

    I am curious to know, since I have not participated in a marathon; do these gadgets really make a difference or are they cool because they are cool?

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