DevOps Melbourne

Just got home from the devops melbourne meetup organised by Evan Bottcher from Thoughtworks. The original plan had been to host the event at the Thoughtworks office in the city but with over 100 people signing up it was moved to the apartment on Bourke street. The venue was excellent with the beers flowing and a relaxed seating area to enjoy the presentations.’s very own Ash Dall kicked off the night with an overview of Kanban within ops teams. Absolutely great preso perfectly delivered by Ash. Lots of questions around how we do estimation, prioritisation, handling support tickets via Kanban, getting business buy in etc. Ash talked us through what a successful Kanban implementation looks like – keep the standups short, use work in progress limits (WIP) to maximise throughput and get your estimation right.

Ed Cortis from Lonely Planet was next up and talked about the bad old days of ops and dev in separate buildings and deployments taking weeks. He contrasted this with the turnaround they have achieved through hiring bright, enthusiastic, passionate staff, fostering a culture of collaboration and building repeatable processes. LP have accomplished something special and now deliver production releases every two weeks. They also acknowledged they have a long way to go, specifically testing processes, and it will be great to hear from Ed and the team next time around and see how they are progressing.

A passing comment to me on the way out was ‘who will be talking next time given LP and are they only companies in Melbourne doing this stuff’? Well I can’t speak for every other IT shop in Melbourne but I’m hoping there are more crews out there keen to improve the collaboration and teamwork within their organisation, and if not, maybe after tonight there will be.

I’ll provide links to all the content from tonight’s meetup as soon as it’s published. Tip of the hat to Evan for organising and Ash, Ed and the rest of the LP team for taking the time to put together their preso’s and share their insight and experiences with the wider world.


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