Building the team ops brand

I’ve said it before and I will say it again I’m so excited about the ops team we are building at Our latest recruit joined us today and brings with him bags of technical knowledge and a collaborative, warm, fun personality. We’re now at the point where the technical skills are taken as given, it’s the passion for technology combined with team building and collaboration skills that make the difference. Finding individuals who possess both the technical and interpersonal skills we are looking for is a challenge and we can’t fill the roles we need through referrals and agencies alone.

One of my objectives this year is to build the team ops brand. By blogging about some of the amazing technologies and projects we are working with, by tweeting when we’re having issues and how we fixed them, and by contributing to the open source community we can hopefully reach talented engineers and make them as excited about our ops team as I am.

We have a first cut of our engineering blog ready for review and I’m hoping the twitter feed will follow shortly. Our approach is to use a technology like Planet to aggregate existing blogs rather than trying to manufacture something just for the ‘external’ world. We will publish some basic guidelines on usage and leave our teams to get on with it – we don’t want to moderate content. As soon as we have this ready to roll I’ll share a link here and I’d love to get some feedback. I should also add that one of our most talented developers has been pushing for an engineering blog for ages and was the first to post! He was also the first person to comment on my blog so tip of the hat to Mujtaba Hussain – The IT world needs more people like him! Check out his personal site and blog at


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