Melbourne Triathlon – tough day

First things first congratulations to the Melbourne triathlon winners who wake up this morning as Victorian state champions! Some of the race times yesterday were outstanding and the atmosphere on the day was great fun. I’m recovering this morning after a tough day. When I first completed the event last year it was a beautiful hot day, no wind and not a cloud in the sky. Yesterday was a different proposition with a choppy swim and winds that made the bike and run a real challenge. My swim time was about a minute slower than last year which, considering the conditions, I’m happy with. My bike was a minute faster which reflects the hard work I’ve put into my riding over the past year (and the investment in a shiny new TT bike!). The disappointment was losing 11 mins on my run, this was partially the result of pushing hard on the swim and bike and also an ongoing psychological struggle I seem to have with the run leg of a triathlon. Admittedly I was struggling with stomach cramps after swallowing a lot of salt water during the swim but I have a nagging feeling I lacked the mental strength necessary yesterday. This is particularly galling as if i had repeated my run time from last year i would have beaten my overall time which would have been a great achievement given the conditions.

Anyway it’s important to focus on the positives 1 – my swimming has gotten stronger and stronger over the past year and I’m really happy with where it’s at 2 – my bike time was strong yesterday and I’m still getting used to the aggressive riding position of my TT bike. Yesterday with a 30km head wind I was able to push a solid pace. So where do I need to focus my training – bike to run training. The only way to break the mental and physical jinx is to recreate race conditions with lots of bike to run training. It’s not complicated and there’s no reason I can’t put this right quickly

So next race up is the olympic distance triathlon at the Geelong festival of sport in Feb. This is interesting as I’m up against a good friend of mine who recently got into triathlon and has been talking up his chances of beating me 🙂 I don’t think he will get anywhere near me on the swim or bike but he’s a handy runner just in case I needed anymore motivation to get my run right! I’ll be following this up with the Huskisson long course triathlon in March to round up the season. My cocky mate is also in this one so I have a chance to lay down a marker at Geelong to let him know I mean business and follow it up with a PB at Huskisson!

Anyway next two days is about rest and recovery. Saturday I’ll be competing in the Portsea classic swim which will be a little more chilled out than yesterday!


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