Innovative products we use at – work in progress! (edited Jan 12th)

I spent a number of years working for large corporates where the focus for IT is maintaining big enterprise applications like ERP’s . There’s nothing wrong with SAP, Oracle etc but since I have been with I’ve been blown away by the innovation and passion within the open source community and the ecosystem of companies that provide supporting tools. Here are a few of the tools we are using within IT Operations at, I’ll keep adding to this list but here are a couple to get started

  • New relic ( – software as a service (SAAS) application performance management tool. Easy to deploy and enables us to drill into application performance across all levels of the stack (VM, app server, DB) and troubleshoot individual transactions, database calls etc. Supports java, php, .net. The team at New Relic are first class and super responsive. It has a free version if you want to try it out
  • Splunk ( – splunk indexes all your log file data generated by applications, servers and devices. You can then search, report, monitor this data in real time. Incredibly flexible with a fantastic reporting interface this is an incredibly powerful tool. The licensing model is terrible (based on the volume of log files indexed daily) but that aside it’s a great product. Like New Relic it has a free version if you want to try it out. Remora are the re-seller we deal with in Australia who are first class
  • Akamai ( – not really in keeping with the others on this list but worthy of note. Their CDN services help us to deliver property images super fast to our consumers and they have some amazing innovative products. Their Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) solution enables us to direct all our traffic through the Akamai network meaning we can speed up our site especially for overseas users. In addition we benefit from ‘SureRoute’ that will automatically divert traffic between our DC’s in the event of a failure. Awesome!
  • Soasta ( – Cloud based load and performance testing. Soasta are able to generate large quantities of user like traffic from public clouds such as EC2 and Azure. We create test profiles that simulate real users, crank up the load and sniff out bottlenecks in our environment. While we have had some issues with the service it’s been incredibly useful helping us to see performance issues that only occur under high load. We have been able to address these issues prior to go live and avoid a certain sev 1.

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