Will we see Lance at Kona this year?

ok so my man crush is Lance Armstrong (well that’s what my wife calls it). Why? Because I was just getting into triathlon when I read his book and it inspired me to test myself, give 100%, never ever give up and always remember that whatever you’re going through things could always be worse. I was devastated when he retired, overjoyed when he came back, and devastated again when he really retired.

As a keen Ironman athlete it would be AWESOME to see Lance compete at the Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii. the guy started out as a triathlete and his recent marathon time (i think it was NY) was around 2:45. i don’t need to say anything about his bike time other than it’s gonna be right up there. Am I saying Lance could win at Kona? I would LOVE to see him try.

Anyway check out Lance’s twitter feed http://twitter.com/#!/lancearmstrong he’s in Hawaii right now and in his own words is talking Ironman. If he does announce his participation I’m starting a petition to One HD in Australia to screen Ironman Hawaii 🙂


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