Sporting goals in 2011

Work life balance for me means trying to find enough time outside of work to spend quality time with my wife and training for triathlon. My motivation is not to beat others but to challenge myself to improve every year. I find it easier to train when I set myself goals for the year ahead to keep me motivated and focussed. Here are my goals for 2011

Triathlon – I’ll be competing in a mixture of olympic and half ironman distance races this year, the shorter distance stuff is a bit of fun and I’m aiming to improve my times from last year. The big goal is to smash my half ironman time! Earlier in 2010 I had a poor show at Busselton and ended up with my first DNF. Looking back I had started a new job and was working long hours and also got a little cocky. There is no hiding place in long course racing and if you don’t have the miles under your belt you will struggle. I got my training back on track and completed Shepparton in 5hr36m. It was great to cross the line but I know I can go quicker, I was still conscious of my DNF at Busselton and took it a little easy on the bike. Weather conditions permitting this year I want to take 20minutes off my time either back at Shepparton or at Gold Coast.

Running – I have never actually competed in any form of running race 🙂 I’ve completed a full Ironman tri and plenty of triathlons but never a running event (and I wonder why my run time is poor). This year I want to really target my running and will attempt a couple of half marathon races and work on getting my 10KM time down to under 40mins

Ironman in every discipline – This is something myself and a mate are exploring, it’s basically our sporting plan over the next 5 years. It would mean completing another full Ironman tri (probably Busselton) and the Coolangatta gold which is based on the surf livesaver ironman (very popular here in Australia). The surf livesaver clubs compete in events against each other and the Coolangatta gold is the endurance surf livesaver event. I’ve never been near a ski or paddle board so this year I’m keen to start out with some lessons through my local surf livesaver club

Ocean swimming – Australia has some fantastic ocean swimming events and there are a couple in Melbourne which I really enjoy. First up will be the Portsea classic down on the Mornington Peninsula followed by the great Australia day swim at Brighton. These are 1.2km and 1.4km respectively and help generate funding for the local surf livesaver clubs


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